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voldemort Born to be a coder. I wrote Hello World first time when I was 14 and now I can write it in C, C++, Java, Javascript, python, visual basic, C# and still learning new ways to write it.
When I am not coding you can find me playing Badminton, Table tennis, Carrom, and Chess.
I turn into a philospher after few drinks and can debate you on the Life, Death, Happiness, sprituality etc.

What I Do?

I am working as the Technical Lead at Applozic Inc. With almost 5 years of experience in all aspects of Design and Development of web-based enterprise applications, web services and AI-Powered Chatbots. Skilled in SQL, Mongo DB, Java EE, Node.js, React, Javascript.

What I have done so far

Screenshot-2019-05-25-at-3-45-59-PM Kommunicate: Human + Bot Hybrid Customer Support Software
Technical Lead At Applozic Inc, since June 2017

My Team works on building saclable APIs and amazing user experience for Kommunicate users. I helped to carry out the top to bottom designing and implementation of the backend server and Dialogflow integration. Currently my team is working on the Kommunicate chat bot platform to help customer support agents to automate their daily tasks.

Azuga Inc GPS Vehicle tracking

Software Engineer at Azuga Inc Nov, 2014 to May, 2017
Worked on the GPS vehicle tracking project and helped to implement scalable microservices. Worked on google location services to solve some real world problems while tracking the vehicles. Worked on the API security, Oauth 2.0 protocol and built a single sign on system on top of Oauth 2.0.

Get into my brain

While working on the Oauth 2.0, I dove deep into Oauth 2.0 specification, I have summerized my learnings in a blog published into several publication. You can read it below:

5220088-thumb OAuth stands for Open Authorization. It’s a free and open protocol, built on IETF standards and licenses from the Open Web Foundation. It allows users to share their private resources with a third party while keeping their own credentials secret. These resources could be photos videos, contact lists, location and billing capabilities, and so on, and are usually stored with another service provider. OAuth does this by granting the requesting(client) applications a token… Read full article

A Beginners guide to chat bot using dialogflow was written when I was working on the Dialogflow integration with Kommunicate. It summerise the basic steps, tool and technology used along with the source code link from github.
5220088-thumb In this article I will show you how to create a simple Chatbot using Dialogflow. You will find here details about the tools and the technology used for the purpose. The article also has a walkthrough of Dialogflow (previously API.ai) and outlines the chronological flow…. Read full article

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